Neverwinter Campaign

Down and Dirty Fighting...

The moon high above Neverwinter, was dedicated to the twin godesses who had worked together to create this realm- Selûne, the sister of light, to whom the waxing moon was dedicated, and Shar, the dark sister to whom the waning moon was dedicated. The fates of Neverwinter seem to be in Selune’s good graces, and fortune has smiled down upon the city. Adventurers, heroes, or whatever you may call them, have arrived at the city and are seeking to free it from tyranny and evil!

The ‘Heroes of the Docks,’ as they are sometimes called have struck a blow for good, forcing the Netherese from the foreboding ‘Shard of Night,’ and allowing the priestesses to reclaim it and cleanse it of all evil influences. It now shines above the city in the moonlight, a beacon of hope and a signal for change.

Lady Yasmine, the head priestess of Selûne for Neverwinter, had already thanked the adventurers, and invited them to live with the priestesses at the temple of Selûne, although this arrangement was not without complications for either group.

Waxter and Mishann spent time early on in the week picking up their dreamthief dolls, and enjoyed the ability to get a restful night’s sleep. Sorannis, claiming that he had no need of the dolls, tossed and turned, even waking the others with his shouting in the night. His face was haggard, and his steps weary, but he soon left the temple to undertake a special mission- to return and report to his superior, Knight-Captain Merrisara Winterwhite. Upon his return to New Sharandar, he was shocked to find that not only had his friend been replaced, but by some war-mad sycophant!

The sycophant, named Imotel (no last name given), was rude to Sorannis and spoke disparingly about Knight-Captain Winterwhite, claiming Lady Fireorchid as his patron. While this new commander was chuckling over Winterwhite being recalled to the Capital to face disciplinary counsel for her ‘lack of progress’ in the war effort, although he hinted at other reasons. Imotel ordered Sorannis to discover a link between Neverember and the Netherese, sometimes known as the Shadovar, and now claimed by Sorannis to be an enemy to his people. Imotel was unconvinced, asking for proof, more than the sight of one man through a portal or illusion, and again encouraged Sorannis to seek the link between Neverember and the artifacts.

Returning to Neverwinter, Sorannis was delighted to find that his companions, Waxter and Mishann were spoiling for a fight as much as he was- although he had spent his travels preparing, including buying a new shield in additon to getting his new armor fitted.

Long has Waxter desired to enter and explore the sewers, ever since first arriving in Neverwinter- he had even bought a suit of clothing expressly to do so! The group traveled across the Blacklake district without incident, ignoring the symbols of a dark God or the signs of misery all around. Soon, they were at the large pipe in the Docks, near Dragon Square, where Jarvy was happily selling meat pies and rumors to people in the square, including retelling the story of ‘the Heroes of the Docks,’ although he doesn’t stop his story as you approach, like he had in the past.

Tromping through the sewers is something that can be briefly glossed over in a story, but in real life it’s much harder to ignore. Everyone envied Waxter and his special clothes for the sewers. It wasn’t long wandering the sewers before the group stumbled on a massive crocodile and some wererats- they were able to take the crocodile out with a couple well-placed blows, but the wererats had more staying power, and proved difficult for the adventurers to defeat.

Still, the adventurers had unanswered questions, so they headed still deeper into the sewer, finding a lucky passage that allowed them to continue down beyond some rubble that blocked the swer tunnel; this led them to the dusty lower tunnels, which were seemingly deserted, and apparently less used.

Wandering the tunnels got the adventurers lost, but it did lead them to a junction where they confirmed that plaguechanged monsters were indeed occupying the tunnels, as they fought several mad monsters to a standstill in the tunnels. While the battle was fierce and nearly fatal to our heroes, they persevered, and defeated the abominations, although it was a close battle.

Hiking back up through the sewers, the heroes were able to reach the street without incident, and Waxter was all too happy to dispose of his garments now that they had served their purpose. Hurrying back to the Shard of Selûne after their ordeals, the heroes were none too happy to be confronted while traveling through the Blacklake District. A half-ork leaned casually against one of the deserted buildings, swinging a spiked chain easily through the air. He seemed to be acting far too casual for such a dangerous area, and several people hiding around the area were watching carefully.

“You’re Sorannis Shadowleaf,” the half orc, named Rask stated quietly. It was a statement, not a question. “You’ve been searching for Ven Brados ," the half-orc continued, looking over the weary adventurers, “and I bring a message from him: Stop.”

“And this is my answer!” Sorannis replied, drawing his sword and leaping to attack. Quicker than the heroes could attack, Rask set his spinning chain into motion, dancing through the adventurers and striking them each with the lethal instrument. Shocked, the heroes sprang into action, hammering at the cocky half-orc. While the heroes were brave, they were exhausted from a day of trudging through the sewers, and had little healing left amongst them. Rask’s thugs, a group of feral wererats with maces and knives, quickly descended on the party and began downing the heroes, Mishann even hovering close to death at one point.

The wererats retreated with their leader, and the heroes, alive but bloodied, returned to the Shard of Selûne to get healing and rest- for a larger fight was coming!

Caelynna – Eladrin Courtesan, seems upset with Sorannis.
Sergeant Brad Valthis – Mintarn mercenary; middle-ranked mercenary. Friendly guy, who has ties to the Mintarn Mercenaries, Cult of Ashmadai, and the Netherese. The heroes thought he would show up and help, but he was busy.
Paulo – wererat from Luskan, member of the Dead Rats. Was the lone survivor in the scuffle with the heroes in the alleyway where the wererats tried to extort money from the adventurers.
Rask – an unusually articulate half-ork, this man was found as the weary adventurers were returning to the Tower of Night. He attempted to deliver a warning, only to be attacked by the group. He has survived the encouter, and will be an enemy for a long time to come.
Slinker – wererat, fought alongside Rask, Ven Brados’ thug. Escaped while the adventurers were recuperating.
Zelkor – - wererat, fought alongside Rask, Ven Brados’ thug. Escaped while the adventurers were recuperating.

People who know of you
Seldra Tylmarande – who??!?!
Gortham – some contact of Mordai Vells, a drow who keeps himself to the underdocks.
Ven Brados – although he may not know who you are yet, he surely soon will.
Vikar Talmos – shadovar agent… he died, didn’t he?
Hander – human werewolf, unusually cunning, fled the heroes.
Sergeant Brad Valthis – Mintarn mercenary; middle-ranked mercenary. Friendly guy, who has ties to the Mintarn Mercenaries, Cult of Ashmadai, and the Netherese.
Durnham Shaw – Captain of the Mintarn Mercenaries on the wall. His word carries a lot of weight with General Sabine.
Adrick – Dwarven militiaman on the Wall, member of the Sons of Alagondar, well-respected within the community of Neverwinter.
Ven Brados – the crime Lord knows who you are- this is not a good thing.
Rsolk – head of the Dead Rats theives’ guild in Neverwinter.


  • Crocodile
  • Wererat Muggers
  • Wererat Scum
  • Plague Changed Wretch
  • PLague Changed Grunts
  • Rask, half-ork servant of Ven Brados
  • Wererat Muggers
  • Wererat Scum



  • One (1) Crocogator

PCs are third level.



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