Neverwinter Campaign

Farewell to Good Friends...

The moon, high above Neverwinter (and indeed all of Faerûn), was dedicated to the twin godesses who had worked together to create this realm- Selûne, the sister of light, to whom the waxing moon was dedicated, and Shar, the dark sister to whom the waning moon was dedicated. This ever-present battle was a symbol for the tides of good and evil that overtake the land. Many worship Selûne, hoping for better time to come, for good fortune to return to Neverwinter. The moon however, trails a small glittering of stars, which shine in both waxing and waning of the moon- their origin is unknown, but the people commonly hold that Selûne weeps for her beloved people, and the crimes of her sister. These ‘Tears of Selûne’ are valuable beyond measure, not only for their ability to cure maladies and diseases, but for their magical potency and the ability to power complex and advanced rituals.

As luck would have it, the priestess of Selûne for Neverwinter, Lady Yasmine, had already met with the group, when Sonja and Rain, who were both seeking to control their lycanthropy, sought her out to see if she could help. Lady Yasmine, happily, told them that there was a ritual, but that it was an expensive one, requiring a good amount of ritual components, and a gemstone of great value to even control it. When asked if there was any way to be rid of the curse, Lady Yasmine shared that with a Tear of Selûne, it would be possible to completely remove the curse. Lady Yasmine also promised Sorannis to divine the location of one of the artifacts he was stridently searching for, using the same Tears of Selûne.

Moving toward the Winger Wyvern Bridge, the heroes were happy to find a friendly reception, with many of the mercenaries here having heard of the heroes exploits both in the docks and on the Wall earlier that day. The mercenaries let the heroes pass without incident, some of them even nodding to Rain and Sonja in apology for not recognizing them earlier.

Entering the Blacklake District during the day was a daunting prospect, with the fear palpable in the air, an almost quivering terror that people felt- trapped between the martial law of the mercenaries and the lawlessness of the orcs, with plaguechanged monsters attacking in the city and brutal crimes almost typical. Entering it at night is another endeavor entirely- the weak go to bed, and the strong come out to play.

Passing through a neighborhood that seemed familiar to Waxter and Rain, they passed a mansion that Waxter pointed out, the Hopford Manor. He hoped that the adventurers could reclaim it as their own, which Mordai Vell had suggested to him just a couple days earlier.

Passing between some of the manors in an attempt to find the site of the star landing, the adventurers were waylaid by some gruff-looking humans. Rain identified them as members of the Dead Rats Guild, a group of thieves from Luskan. Judging from the scars on their bodies and faces, and knowing the regenerative power of lycanthropes, they must have been recent additions to the guild.

The battle was bloody, and brief. In only a few moments, the adventurers had dispatched the theives, with the lone survivor fleeing (despite attempts to find or track him). Grimly satisfied with themselves, the adventurers continued to the shore of Blacklake, where they found the filthy lake and the site of a battle perhaps a few hours old. Large plants grow in the diseased and pooluted waters of the lake, and it’s been warned to stay far away from them, but it seemed as though the survivors had fled, taking the Tear of Selûne with them. An arguemnt about trudging through unknown sewers was fruitless, with Sonja debating leaving her companions to return to Lady Yasmine and seek her cure.

Deciding to push on in the direction of the last shard, Heroes found their way blocked by a makeshift rubble wall with spears sticking out of the top of it. The entrance to the River District waited ahead of them. There was a patrol of orcs camped on the street, some dicing and laughing by firelight. A few leaned against the buildings and watched the road- and with skulls decorating many of the spears on the wall, it wasn’t hard to see what happened to those who fought the group. A bowman’s sharp eye picked out the group at over forty feet in the dark- an impressive feat.

The leader of the group demanded payment, a ‘toll,’ for crossing the border into the River District; ten gold apiece (five for Mishann, fifteen for Kerith). The heroes, refusing to pay and attempting to bluff, negotiate, or intimidate their way through without paying, were quickly surprised when the orcs attacked.

The orcs, however, were unprepared for the skill with which the heroes fought, and the battle was over in a few moments, with the heroes suffering wounds but undeterred in continuing to their goal. Sonja decided at this point to return and seek out Lady Yasmine, perhaps secure her help in finding the last shard. In her place, Sergeant Brad Valthis finally caught up to the group, informing them that the wall had been secured and was already being rebuilt.

It was lucky that Sergeant Valthis returned, because the Shard of Night, a floating black obelisk in the sky over Neverwinter had no easy entrances. Sergeant Valthis knew of a ritual to create a stairway into the building, which he shared with the adventurers, allowing them to venture up into the tower itself, where the last shard pulsed with power. Sergeant Valthis was tight-lipped about where he had learned the ritual, ignoring any pointed questions about it.

Within the confines of the tower, the adventurers found that their arrival was not unexpected, as they had inadvertently triggered some kind of alarm. Within the ruined temple- which oddly had runes of Selûne and not some dark god or goddess- the heroes found shadowy assassins, a crazed werewolf, and some will’o wisps that didn’t do much of anything.

None of the heroes recognized him, but the frenzied werewolf was none other than Attix, the same werewolf that had fled Sonja and Rain earlier in the evening. In the meantime, he had taken some concoction to put himself into a frenzy- something Sonja warned that werewolf barbarians sometimes did; the werewolf had also found someone to carve strange runes into his flesh- and black blood dried on his fur said these runes gave him great power.

It was not enough, and the adventurers were able to stop the beast, as well as dispatch the shadow assassins. Using the Tears of Selûne, the heroes were able to burn out the transportation circle that the werewolf had stepped through, but not before Sorannis had spotted some artifacts loaded onto carts through it.

Sonja returned with Lady Yasmine and the priestesses of Selûne, who cleansed and reclaimed the tower, which they claimed was part of a temple in the Shadowfell which had been destroyed over a hundred years earlier. The cleansing pushed shadow from the temple, enabling the alabaster obelisk to be reclaimed by its rightful owners. The priestesses, headed by Lady Yasmine, invited the adventurers to live with them, as protectors and also as heroes.

They had earned a good night’s sleep.

Caelynna – Eladrin Courtesan, every bit as beautiful as you had heard. She charged out into the fray wielding nothing but a bedsheet and her wits, even though it was quite dangerous. Apparently quite ‘entangled’ with Ser.
Vogosh, orcish captain (dead)
Sergeant Brad Valthis – Mintarn mercenary; middle-ranked mercenary. Friendly guy, who has ties to the Mintarn Mercenaries, Cult of Ashmadai, and the Netherese.
Sergeant Brad Valthis – Mintarn mercenary; middle-ranked mercenary. Friendly guy, allowed the mercenaries to dice with the adventurers while they waited for the shift to end.
Paulo – wererat from Luskan, member of the Dead Rats. Was the lone survivor in the scuffle with the heroes in the alleyway where the wererats tried to extort money from the adventurers.
Attix – human werewolf, fled the heroes. They met him later, once he’d gone into some kind of berserker frenzy, and someone had carved strange runes into his flesh.

People who know of you
Seldra Tylmarande – who??!?!
Gortham – some contact of Mordai Vells, a drow who keeps himself to the underdocks.
Ven Brados – although he may not know who you are yet, he surely soon will.
Vikar Talmos – shadovar agent… he died, didn’t he?
Hander – human werewolf, unusually cunning, fled the heroes.
Sergeant Brad Valthis – Mintarn mercenary; middle-ranked mercenary. Friendly guy, who has ties to the Mintarn Mercenaries, Cult of Ashmadai, and the Netherese.
Durnham Shaw – Captain of the Mintarn Mercenaries on the wall. His word carries a lot of weight with General Sabine.
Adrick – Dwarven militiaman on the Wall, member of the Sons of Alagondar, well-respected within the community of Neverwinter.
Lady Yasmine – Eladrin priestess of Selûne, beloved and kindly, cares for refugees and orphans using her own power to heal them. All-around nice lady.
Paulo – tough wererat, fled the battle in the alleyway


  • Scurrying Wererats
  • Wererat Muggers
  • Paulo, lone survivor on the wererat side of that battle
  • Battletested Orcs
  • Orc Savages
  • Orc Archers
  • Wisps Wraiths
  • Shadow Stalkers
  • Attix, a massive werewolf with strange runes carved into his flesh


PCs are third level, have some cool (wishlist) items, and have favors from the priestesses of Selûne. The Shard of Night has now been reclaimed by the priestesses of Selune, and is slowly gaining a reputation among the people as a place a safety and healing.



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