Neverwinter Campaign

Use Your Head!

The fight was over, the foes fleeing defeated into the night. The burly werewolves pushed through the terrified crowds trying to get away from the fighting, one knocking the door almost off of its hinges, and the other loping up the stairs to some unknown exit.

Sonja and Rain, confident in their own lycanthropic abilities, followed the seven-foot beast out the front door and down the rope bridge that brought guests from Neverwinter to the Moonstone Mask’s earthmote, and practically to the front door.

Sonja and Rain charge down the rope bridge, heedless of their own safety or any attempt by the Shadowvar to sabotage the bridge, and find the werewolf just at the other side of it, continuing his course across the Protectorate’s Enclave and just past the Hall of Justice, house of Lord Neverember’s government, as well as barracks of the Mintarn Mercenaries. Lady General Sabine has offices there, as does Mayor Soman Galt, whom the party briefly (and some might say disastrously) met earlier.

The werewolf continues his maddened charge across the ‘safest’ of the districts of Neverwinter, fleeing so quickly that Sonja and Rain can barely keep pace with him, passing Mintarn patrols in the streets as though they were statues. Quickly, the fleeing foes’ path becomes clear- he is headed toward the north side of the river, toward the Blacklake and River districts. The only working bridge across the river is the Winged Wyvern Bridge, which has an entire company of Mintarn Mercenaries- over a hundred men!

The werewolf bounds across the bridge before the men can react, but unfortunately warning them to stand and draw arms before Sonja and Rain and follow- they do spy the werewolf, forced off the bridge and into the water, swimming to the other side, and then heading off in the direction of the River District, supposedly a lawless place controlled by orc.

* * * * *

While the werewolves had pursued one foe out the front doors, Kerith and Waxter followed the werewolf upstairs, attempting to stop him before he was able to reach a place of safety. To their surprise, he merely charged upstairs and then out the second-story window! Before they can even register the shock of this (or the surprise at seeing an undressed Sorannis and his eladrin ‘friend’ wrapped in a bedsheet), Waxter tumbles through the window and into the bushes below. Kerith follows, much more gracefully, noting on her landing that this werewolf chose to escape down the massive chains that anchored the earthmote to the Neverwinter coastline.

Sorannis and his ‘companion’ teleported ahead of the werewolf, and Waxter tried to use misdirection to guide the werewolf into the waiting arms of their allies, but the werewolf proved wilier than anyone would have given him credit for, and slipped the noose. It was everything the adventurers had to try and keep up with the massive beast, even with magic and trickery, they were unable to stop him.

As a last-ditch effort, Waxter imitated the voice of the werewolf’s last surviving companion, and said Head to the underdocks! It’s safe there!

The werewolf squinted off into the night, looking for his companion, before answering To Hells with that- I’m heading for the graveyard! and fled. Despite the attempts of the adventurers to catch him, the werewolf escaped into the shadows.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Mishann and Sergeant Brad Valthis stayed behind, to make sure that the enemies were put down, and to try and get answers out of the shadowy spy. Sergeant Valthis identified the man as Vikar Talmos, a low-level Shadowvar agent, although he was at a loss to explain what the man was doing in Neverwinter. Mishann stood by intently, waiting for the Sergeant’s healing attempts to revive the man so that he could intimidate him.

Despite the ministrations, it was clear that the shadowy spy was going to die without direct intervention. The body, leaking shadow instead of blood, was not responding to the bandages that Sergeant Valthis was expertly applying. They didn’t use magic, but instead began a search of the body after the man had expired, trying to decypher the letters he had in his possession.

One of the letters, specifically, was written in an unknown language (Netherese), and written in a code. Despite this, Sergeant Valthis and Mishann were able to decode the letter, and it was simple- orders to vacate the house ‘watching over the graveyard,’ as it had been compromised. Someone had been followed to the house, and although no action had been taken yet, it was only a matter of time before it was.

* * * * *

Liset Cheldar, patroness of the Moonstone Mask, was having the body disposed of when the adventurers re-convened at the Mask. She seemed irritated at their return to her place of business, given that she had just lost a night’s business over their last foray, but aside from a tightening of the lips, she made no mention of it. Caelynna, Sorannis’ “friend” slinked back upstairs to retrieve her clothes and belongings, and claimed that she had ‘an errand to run,’ making her exit.

Despite the public setting, Waxter made it clear that he intended to take a gruesom token from the body- the head. Liset absolutely forbade it, but Waxter is difficult to discourage, and followed her serving men outside, to where they were carrying the body. At a moment of distraction, he began hacking at the body, attempting to remove the head himself, but soon was distracted himself.

The moon, high above Neverwinter (and indeed all of Faerûn), was dedicated to the twin godesses who had worked together to create this realm- Selûne, the sister of light, to whom the waxing moon was dedicated, and Shar, the dark sister to whom the waning moon was dedicated. This ever-present battle was a symbol for the tides of good and evil that overtake the land. Many worship Selûne, hoping for better time to come, for good fortune to return to Neverwinter. The moon however, trails a small glittering of stars, which shine in both waxing and waning of the moon- their origin is unknown, but the people commonly hold that Selûne weeps for her beloved people, and the crimes of her sister. These ‘Tears of Selûne’ are valuable beyond measure, not only for their ability to cure maladies and diseases, but for their magical potency and the ability to power complex and advanced rituals.

As luck would have it, the priestess of Selûne for Neverwinter, Lady Yasmine, had already met with the group, when Sonja and Rain, who were both seeking to control their lycanthropy, sought her out to see if she could help. Lady Yasmine, happily, told them that there was a ritual, but that it was an expensive one, requiring a good amount of ritual components, and a gemstone of great value to even control it. When asked if there was any way to be rid of the curse, Lady Yasmine shared that with a Tear of Selûne, it would be possible to completely remove the curse.

Lady Yasmine had also said to Sorannis, in a moment of clarivoyance, that he was searching for something. When Sorannis gruffly agreed, Lady Yasmine offered to help him find it, using a tear of Selûne (or the same tear, as the stones had great power that slowly regenerated over time) as a ritual focus.

This was all the encouragement that the group needed, and they charged off in search of the Tears of Selûne. Kerith, the only one with enough experience in the city to know where the stones had fallen, noted that one had fallen near the Neverdeath Graveyard, another in the Blacklake District, and a third just beyond the Blacklake District, further east, where not even Kerith had ventured.

Setting off was easy enough, but as the adventurers moved through the marketplace and the Protectorate District, people leaving their homes to wonder at the excitement of the falling stars, and what it meant crowded the streets and the byways. Carefully, the adventurers pushed through the crowds, until someone had the bright idea to claim, quite loudly, that the stones would cause Spellplague to affect anyone who touched it. This caused a stampede of human and metahuman fear, as people fled the dreaded spellplague. This also freed up some of the byways, and gave the heroes a definite destination, as the crowds were fleeing a specific point.

Through ingenuity, magic, trickery, and no small amount of physical skill (and some accidental dogpiling), the adventurers finally managed to make it to the first stone- which was not in the Graveyard, as they had hoped, but nearby on the southernmost portion of the wall. Before their very eyes, the adventurers saw a portion of the wall manned by Mintarn Mercenaries collapse under an assault from the other side, leaving all of Neverwinter exposed to the horrors of the plaguechanged and the dangers of the chasm.

Moving swiftly, adventurers blocked the large hole, uniting in defense and fighting back the plaguechanged monsters there until the monsters were dead, and the heroes able to retrieve the shard they had come for.

Not time to rest, there were still other shards to retrieve!

Caelynna – Eladrin Courtesan, every bit as beautiful as you had heard. She charged out into the fray wielding nothing but a bedsheet and her wits, even though it was quite dangerous. Apparently quite ‘entangled’ with Ser.
Attix – human werewolf, fled the heroes
Hander – human werewolf, unusually cunning, fled the heroes.
Sergeant Brad Valthis – Mintarn mercenary; middle-ranked mercenary. Friendly guy, who has ties to the Mintarn Mercenaries, Cult of Ashmadai, and the Netherese.

People who know of you
Seldra Tylmarande – who??!?!
Gortham – some contact of Mordai Vells, a drow who keeps himself to the underdocks.
Ven Brados – although he may not know who you are yet, he surely soon will. Apparently some sort of Crime Boss that’s untouchable in the Docks District.
Vikar Talmos – shadovar agent… he died, didn’t he?
Attix – human werewolf, fled the heroes
Hander – human werewolf, unusually cunning, fled the heroes.
Sergeant Brad Valthis – Mintarn mercenary; middle-ranked mercenary. Friendly guy, who has ties to the Mintarn Mercenaries, Cult of Ashmadai, and the Netherese.
Durnham Shaw – Captain of the Mintarn Mercenaries on the wall. His word carries a lot of weight with General Sabine.
Adrick – Dwarven militiaman on the Wall, member of the Sons of Alagondar, well-respected within the community of Neverwinter.


  • Werewolf Bodyguards
  • Plague-changed Horrors
  • Plague-changed Drakes
  • Nothic Mindwarp(s)


PCs are still second level, and have one Tear of Selûne, which has special properties.



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