Sonja (Lori)

Fighter (Slayer) Level 1


== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ==
(Lori) Sonja, level 1
Human, Fighter (Slayer)
Human Power Selection Option: Heroic Effort
Pack Outcast (Perception class skill)
Theme: Pack Outcast

STR 20, CON 11, DEX 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 8

STR 18, CON 11, DEX 14, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 8

AC: 17 Fort: 18 Ref: 13 Will: 11
HP: 31 Surges: 9 Surge Value: 10

Athletics +10, Endurance +5, Heal +5, Perception +5

Acrobatics +2, Arcana +0, Bluff –1, Diplomacy –1, Dungeoneering +0, History +0, Insight +0, Intimidate –1, Nature +0, Religion +0, Stealth +2, Streetwise –1, Thievery +2

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Pack Outcast Utility: Body of the Wolf
Human Racial Power: Heroic Effort
Multiple Class Attack: Power Strike
Fighter Utility: Berserker’s Charge
Fighter Utility: Duelist’s Assault

Level 1: Toughness
Level 1: Swift Recovery

Adventurer’s Kit
Scale Armor x1
Greataxe x1
== End ==


My parents were traveling in a caravan which was attacked by a pack of creatures. My mom was pregnant with me at the time, a month from giving birth. These creatures killed all in the caravan, but my mother, she survived just long enough to give birth to me and wrap me up. A few hours passed and a group of barbarians hunting the creatures came upon the mutilated caravan, and found me wrapped and in my dead mothers arms, still attached at the cord. I was brought back to their women and they took me in. Right away the women noticed I was a bit different. I learned to walk and run sooner than the other children and even talk. I was stronger and faster. I was allowed to hunt and train with the men.

The night I turned 16, we went on a raid like others before, but tonight was different. I got clubbed over the head and fell. I got extremely mad and then I felt pain everywhere and heard my clothes tearing. I sprung up grabbed my attacker, raised him to me and bit him. I then tore him apart. When I finished, the men in my group just stared at me in disbelief. As I wiped the blood from my face, and saw it on my hair covered hands, I fainted. I woke a few hours later from a nightmare to the group around a fire discussing what happened. One said I’ve turned into what they now hunt, and what should be done with me. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I ran over to them crying saying it couldn’t be true. It was all a nightmare. A few jumped up and grabbed me as our leader told me of what I did. I was felt sick and a few started hitting me. Our leader said to stop; after all, I was one of them. The others were afraid of me and said I either leave, or they kill me. Our leader took me aside and gave me a weapon, some food and told me he heard of a place where magic was strong. I was raised to fear magic, but he told me I am good and to go seek answers and help to learn to understand and control what I am becoming. And if I can not learn to harness this power and make it my servant then they will have no other choice but to come and kill me like the rest. I now find myself in Neverwinter, alone.

Sonja (Lori)

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