Abolethic Sovreignty

Abolethic Sovereignty

Madness lies in the Chasm. If you want to enter, be my guest. I never liked you anyway.
—General Sabine, Mintarn commander

When the primordial Maegera erupted from its prison twenty-six years ago, the resulting volcanic destruction tore a deep chasm in the earth that sliced through a quarter of Neverwinter. This rift reached the depths of the Underdark, opening wide to an underground sea where a branch of the Abolethic Sovereignty was busy manipulating a pocket of Spellplague and covertly experimenting on creatures in and near N everwinter.

Once the Chasm opened, abolethic activity on the surface escalated sharply, and the aberrant creatures began mutating many more topside monsters and plaguing sentient beings with nightmares and bizarre hallucinations. Of course, these mental violations are paltry in comparison to what the Sovereignty hopes to unleash with its Spellplague experiments.


A notable consequence of the Spellplague was the advent of the Abolethic Sovereignty. This kingdom of aberrant creatures was transplanted from Abeir, Toril’s twin world. The aboleths settled in and forged Xxiphu, a flying citadel that roams the world and is most often spotted in the Sea of Fallen Stars. The Sovereignty quickly took an interest in the Spellplague, which had brought its kingdom to Faerûn. It began locating and studying areas of active
Spellplague caught within magical fields or trapped in the earth’s depths. The aboleths found one such patch in Underdark, far beneath Neverwinter, and a branch of the Sovereignty took up residence there several decades ago. The aboleths have been using it—and creatures kidnapped from the city—for their ambitious experiments.

When the cataclysm claimed Neverwinter and opened the Chasm, the aboleths’ operations were in
danger of being exposed to the surface world. Since moving the patch of Spellplague was not an option, the Sovereignty instead bolstered its defenses and sent the results of its early experiments toward the surface to repel or discourage any would-be explorers. The city above had already fallen into chaos, so no resistance was mounted. The aboleths rested contentedly
for years thereafter.

Then, ten years ago, Neverember arrived in the city. The resulting flurry of activity drew the Sovereignty’s attention, and the aboleths came to see Neverwinter’s reconstruction and resettling as a threat to their larger plans.

Abolethic Sovreignty

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