Greater Gods


The Keeper of the Yellow Sun
Lawful Good Greater God

Amaunator is the god of the sun and time. His church teaches that he has died and been reborn time and again, like the turning of a great clock. He is revered by farmers, merchants, and nomads who follow the seasons and the turning of the celestial clock, as well as paladins who battle undead. His strict commands include the following:

  • Obey the law and respect tradition.
  • Always meet your commitments and never be late.
  • Be organized in all pursuits.


Supreme Master of the Nine Hells
Evil Greater God

Asmodeus is the master of the Nine Hells and its legions of devils. He is served by those who have succumbed to greed and impatience. He can be a charismatic and generous god, but those who sign away their souls to Asmodeus are damned for all eternity. The pact each worshiper forges with the Master of the Nine Hells spells out the following:

  • Asmodeus is your true master. Obey his commands absolutely.
  • You can earn special favors by tempting new worshipers into serving Asmodeus.
  • Indulge in the pleasures of life, but do not falter in word or commitment.


The Black Lord
Evil Greater God

Bane is the iron-fisted lord of tyranny, seeking dominion over everyone and everything. He is served by tyrants and organizations that seek to impose their will on others. The Black Lord is not content to subjugate the mortal world, and seeks to dominate all other gods as well. Bane requires the following of his devotees:

  • Strive ceaselessly to dominate your environment.
  • Be merciless in the execution of your duties, and show no pity to the weak.
  • Respect tradition and authority.


The Great Mother
Lawful Good Greater Goddess

Chauntea is the mother of Toril, and she oversees the interaction of sentient mortals with the
natural world. She draws worshipers from all who depend on the land for their livelihood, including farmers and villagers (who live close to the land) and druids (who tend the wild reaches). Chauntea is a kindly goddess who nurtures and feeds the world. She calls upon her worshipers to do the following:

  • Preserve the cycle of growth and harvest.
  • Live on and with the land.
  • Be generous in sharing the land’s bounty.


First of the Seldarine
Good Greater God

Corellon is a skilled warrior and the father of the eladrin, who were born of the blood he shed in his epic battles with Gruumsh. Corellon is worshiped by eladrin, elves, and half-elves, as well as those who are long-lived and those who work magic. He is a benevolent protector of his followers and is focused on long-range goals. He asks the following of his worshipers:

  • Protect the traditions and works of your race.
  • Create great examples of magic and beauty.
  • Be ever vigilant against the evil hordes.


Prince of Lies
Chaotic Evil Greater God

Cyric is the mad god of strife and lies. He is served by liars, the insane, and those who revel in mindless destruction. The Prince of Lies is given to wild rantings, paranoid delusions, and believing in the absolute truth of his own lies. Cyric gives different commands to every follower, but they share these common elements:

  • Spread chaos, destruction, and insanity throughout the world.
  • The world is mad, and everyone is out to get you.
  • Slaughter anyone who stands in your way.


That Which Lurks
Chaotic Evil Greater God

Ghaunadaur lurks in the depths, from where he rules over the lowest forms of sentience. Although his cult once included drow and other creatures of the Underdark, Ghaunadaur is now served only by oozes, slimes, and abominations, including the denizens of the Abolethic Sovereignty. Ghaunadaur is an ancient, cowardly god tinged with madness who seeks only to consume the world. Ghaunadaur has no use for laws or traditions, requiring only the following of his worshipers:

  • Destroy in the name of That Which Lurks.
  • Consume all that you destroy.
  • Be patient in your hunger, for time has no meaning


The One-Eyed God
Chaotic Evil Greater God

Gruumsh is the unblinking god of destruction who unleashes the savage multitudes against outposts of civilization. He is worshiped by orcs and half-orcs and has come to dominate
some of the other savage humanoids as well. Gruumsh is a brutal god who loathes Corellon Larethian but denies that he lost an eye to the First of the Seldarine. Gruumsh tells his worshipers to do the following:

  • Gather and breed, and your numbers shall flourish.
  • Rise up in hordes and seize that which is rightfully yours.
  • Raid. Kill. Conquer.


Lord of the Dead
Unaligned Greater God

Kelemvor presides over the passage from life to death, judging the faithless and the false and apportioning souls to their proper fate in the afterlife. His followers are drawn from
those who find comfort in the natural transition from life to death and those who battle undead and the practitioners of necromancy, wherever they might be found. Kelemvor’s absolute fairness, firm hand, and steady grace bring comfort to those who lose a loved one. The Lord of the Dead gives simple dictates to his followers:

  • Do not fear death, for death is the natural stage that follows life.
  • Give comfort to the bereaved.
  • Destroy the undead, and oppose the use of necromancy.


Queen of the Demonweb Pits
Chaotic Evil Greater Goddess

Lolth is a capricious goddess who revels in betrayal and blood. The Spider Queen demands absolute obedience from the drow, presiding over their manifold schemes and betrayals, and is sovereign over all arachnids. Lolth’s favor is fickle, and she regularly pits her worshipers
against each other, but the following dictates hold true for all her faithful:

  • Exhibit absolute loyalty to the Spider Queen and no other.
  • Honor Lolth through sacrifices of blood and that which you hold dear.
  • Kill no spider, for to do so is to attack Lolth herself.


The Soul Forger
Lawful Good Greater God

The All-Father forged the dwarf race from gems and precious metals and imbued the dwarves with souls with the strike of his mighty hammer. Moradin is revered by dwarves, blacksmiths, and those who work with gems or metals. The Soul Forger is stern, stubborn, and uncompromising, but tireless and brave in the defense of his creations. He demands the following of his worshipers:

  • Respect and honor your traditions.
  • Do not flinch in the face of danger.
  • Seek out the riches buried in the heart of the world, and forge them into great works of art


The Binder of What Is Known
Unaligned Greater God

Oghma is the lord of knowledge and thought, both the spoken and the written word. The Binder is served by all who seek knowledge, including bards, lorekeepers, sages, scribes, and wizards. Oghma thrives on new ideas, regardless of their consequences, and the communication of knowledge in all its forms. Oghma’s strictures demand the following:

  • Encourage innovation and new thoughts, wherever they might lead.
  • Collect and preserve knowledge before it is lost.
  • Disseminate knowledge as widely as possible so that all can benefit from its instruction.


The Moon Maiden
Good Greater Goddess

The goddess of the moon governs the ebb and flow of tides and comforts the world with her silvery glow in the black of night. She constantly battles the darkness of her sister Shar. The ranks of Selûne’s faithful include mariners, travelers, and those who seek comfort in the night. Selûne is kind, caring, and ageless, ever waxing and waning in power. She encourages her worshipers to do the following:

  • Never lose hope or faith, for every force in the world ebbs and flows.
  • Bring light to the darkness, and hold back the tide of evil.
  • Seek out creatures who bear the curse of lycanthropy, curing those who hope to end their affliction and destroying those who have succumbed to the beast within.


Mistress of the Night
Evil Greater Goddess

Shar is the goddess of the night and sister to Selûne. She is worshiped by souls consumed with bitterness and loss, who seek to turn sorrow into vengeance and exact suffering in kind. Shar resides in shadow, nurturing secret hatreds, unnatural desires, and a lust for revenge. She issues these commands to her followers:

  • Place your trust in the Mistress of the Night, for she will lead you through the darkness.
  • Never forget a slight or a loss, for those who have hurt you must suffer in kind.
  • Never forget that the darkness is your friend, hiding your secrets and cloaking you from the suffering and pain of the world.


The Forest Father
Unaligned Greater God

The Forest Father (or Treefather) is the lord of nature in all its wild splendor. He is worshiped by druids, rangers, hermits, and others who dwell in the wilderness. Silvanus is wild and unpredictable, given to tender acts of mercy and wild bouts of savagery. He instructs his faithful to do the following:

  • Preserve the balance of life and death, birth and decay.
  • Respect nature in all its savagery, and revere the world in all its natural beauty.
  • Protect the wild places from the further encroachment of civilization.


The Lady of Love
Good Greater Goddess

Sune is the mistress of beauty and tender emotions. She is revered by artists, lovers, and gallants drawn from the ranks of humans, eladrin, and half-elves. Despite her flirtatious, loving nature, the Lady of Love holds herself aloof, pledging her heart only to her faithful. She teaches her worshipers the following:

  • Seek beauty and love in all its forms.
  • Follow your passions in love and art wherever your heart might lead you.
  • Celebrate the creation of beauty, and share it so that all can revel in the joy of life.


The Foehammer
Unaligned Greater God

Tempus is the god of battle and patron of martial prowess. He is revered by all warriors, from the lowliest soldier to the mightiest warlord. The fearless Lord of Battle views war as a force of nature that shapes and reshapes civilization. His orders to all combatants are simple and direct:

  • Be fearless.
  • Never turn away from a fight.
  • Obey the rules of war


The Loyal Fury
Lawful Good Greater God

The Loyal Fury is the god of law, dutifully upholding the strictures of civilization. Torm is served by paladins and other holy champions. Ever steadfast and true, he is consumed by his sense of duty. Torm requires the following:

  • Respect and enforce the law, and honor your traditions.
  • Demonstrate truthfulness, loyalty, and steadfast devotion to a rightful cause.
  • Do not flinch in the execution of your duty, no matter what the consequence.

Lesser Gods

Just below the greater gods in the divine pecking order are the lesser gods, sometimes simply called gods. Each of these entities is subservient to a greater god and resides with that greater god on a particular plane of existence (see “Cosmology,” page 159).

Of the nineteen entities generally recognized as (lesser) gods, ten are lawful good, good, or unaligned, and thus are potential objects of worship for adventurers and others who are not disposed toward evil. Each of these ten is briefly described below.

Angharradh: This good-aligned goddess is associated with Corellon, and as such many of her
worshipers are elves.

Bahamut: The great and good Platinum Dragon, revered by many of his ilk, resides in the dominion overseen by Torm.

Berronar Truesilver: The wife of Moradin, lawful good like her spouse, is a popular choice for worship among female dwarves.

Garl Glittergold: The leader among the gnome deities, Garl resides in Corellon’s dominion. He is good-aligned.

Gond: This unaligned god, favored by smiths, craftsfolk, and others who create items and devices,has a place in the dominion of Oghma.

Ilmater: This good-aligned god is the embodiment of compassion and an opponent of suffering. He resides with Torm.

Mielikki: A good-aligned goddess who cares for and protects forest realms, she makes her home in the domain of Silvanus.

Sheela Peryroyl: This good-aligned goddess is prominent among the halfling deities and renowned for her beauty. She resides in Chauntea’s dominion.

Tymora: Those who seek good luck or want to express thanks for having received it pay homage to this good-aligned goddess. She resides in the domain also occupied by Selûne and Sune.

Uthgar: An unaligned exarch of Tempus, Uthgar is the demigod worshipped by the northern barbarian tribes, commonly identified by the name Uthgardt.

Waukeen: An unaligned goddess associated with commerce and wealth, Waukeen occupies a portion of the domain of Amaunator.

Exarchs and Primordials

Many other individuals of divine aspect occupy places in the world’s pantheon. Most of these beings are either exarchs (mortal servants of greater gods who have been elevated to divine status) or primordials (beings of elemental origin believed to be mortal but worshiped by some nonetheless). This group of low-ranking divine entities also includes the eight archdevils of the Nine Hells who pay homage to Asmodeus even as they sometimes plot to unseat him.

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