There are a number of factions within Neverwinter, seeking to gain control of the fractured city and its inhabitants.

*Neverwinter teeters on the brink of chaos, but most people remain blind to the danger. The citizens shake their heads at both the Mintarn soldiers’ abuses and the rebel’s responses as they gingerly step over rivulets of blood pooling on the cobblestones. Yet these conflicts pale in comparison to the secret wars hidden forces are waging in the shadows.

A host of allies, enemies and people caught in between await heroes willing to delve into events surrounding Neverwinter.

New Neverwinter: Lord Dagult Neverember is laboring to secure and rebuild Neverwinter.

Abolethic Sovreignty: A sect of the powerful abberant dynasty is devoted to manipulating a pocket of spellplague beneath the city.

Ashmadai: A cult of Asmodeus worshippers is bent on dominion in the region.

Thayans: Servnts of Szass Tam seek to use the region’s magic to raise an undead army.

Netherese: The Shadowvar intend to raise an important fallen enclave hidden in Neverwinter Wood.

Sons of Alagondar: A fractured band of rebels is fighting Neverember’s rule.

Many-Arrow Orcs: A small warparty of orcs is occupying a portion of the ruined city north of the river.

Thunderbeast Barbarians: Uthgardt barbarians have sent many hunters into the city and surrounding region, seeking ‘defilers.’

Grey Wolf Barbarians: A local tribe of Uthgardt barbarians, these pack hunters have been growing more brutal and more isolated.

New Sharandar: A city of returned fey, these eladrin seek to reclaim what was once theirs, seeking out lost artifacts and magic stolen from holy sites within their city.

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