Oghma’s Faithful

With Oghma’s blessing, we will learn the truth- have faith.

The dreams began for you as for so many others. Strange shapes half seen in the darkness. Eerie sounds that upon waking made you think of the sea. A sense of otherness, and of unseen watchers. Such disturbing nightmares afflict the minds of sensitive people throughout the North, yet in your sleep, a light parts the shadows.

When the nightmares come, a blue-green flame erupts to burn away the threats. When your eyes adjust, you find yourself standing in a grand library. As you walk the glittering hall between high bookshelves, the passage extends outward before you like a long road. You wake before you reach the end, no matter how fast you run. But as you open your eyes, a sound echoes in your ears- the flow and gears of a waterclock.

To you, the meaning could not be clearer. Oghma, god of knowledge and thought, is bidding you to go to Neverwinter and restore his temple, the House_of_Knowledge. An ancient homily revealed by your dream lies at the heart of your understanding. To swear “by the clocks of Neverwinter” was once the most solemn promise, so sure and perfect were the water clocks made by artisans of that city.

Once, Neverwinter drew experts in art and craft from around the world, standing as a shining example of beauty and art. Now, the city lies in ruins. The temple to Oghma, broken by the destruction that claimed Neverwinter, could become the center of the city’s renaissance. The techniques of lost craft guilds, the works of the regions finest artisans, secrets of architecture and engineering, as well as songs, scrolls, and items of enchantment- all mgiht be recovered from the temple’s extensive archives. Ancient relics and lore now lost elsewhere in the ruins could be collected at the library for the use of all. The House_of_Knowledge could become the House of Hope.

You set out to Neverwinter to be part of the city’s restoration. You know you can’t accomplish this task on your own, but Oghma will help you develop friendships with those who can assist you, and will aid you in crafting the alliances necessary to bring Neverwinter to life again. Because of your labors and guidance, the city will become a light in the darkness that threatens to swallow the north.

Building Oghma’s Faithful

Any character can be interested in knowledge and show faith to Oghma. When you roleplay your character, keep in mind that Oghma values all knowledge, and he alone decides what place each idea and invention should have in the world. As a hero faithful to Oghma, you strive to see knowledge of any kind collected and preserved so that others can use it.

Class Prerequisites: None. Although anyone can follow Oghma, divine characters are the most appropriate for this theme. If you play a warpriest cleric, you can use the Oghma domain presented later in this chapter. Alternatively, a wizard or some other character drawn to ancient lore might be equally fitting.

Race Prerequisites: None. Oghma accepts all seekers of knowledge into his presence.


Worship of Pghma demands a studious interest in learning and an inquisitive spirit. The way these traits manifest in you depends on the field or endeavor in which you concentrate your studies.
Associated Skills: History, Religion, streetwise

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