Ogre's Knuckles

Ogre’s Knuckles is a dwarven dice game, which began when dwarven soldiers had nothing better to do than whittle dice out of the bones of their enemies. As twelve-sided dice are pretty rare in Neverwinter, this game requires someone (usually a dwarf or high-roller, pun intended) to supply the dice.

First, each player will ante into the game, placing the minimum bet in the center of the group. Typical bets are around one silver piece, although richer groups may play for gold.

Each player takes a turn rolling the ’Orge’s Knuckles,’ each trying to get the lowest roll (the least amount of ogres, while a roll of 24 is considered ‘the horde,’ and will usually get the roller thrown out of the game.

If there’s any ties, or any dispute about the rolls (such as calls of cheating), the entire pot stays where it is, and a new round begins.

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Ogre's Knuckles

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