Pips is played with the most common dice, two of the six-sided variety. The only important detail of these dice is that they have ‘pips,’ the dots instead of numbers, crowns, roses, or any symbols.

Each player antes into the game, placing the minimum bet in the center of the group. Typical bets are around one silver piece, although richer groups may play for gold.

After the ante, each player throws his or her own set of dice. The player with the least number of pips (the lowest roll) wins.

In event of a tie (they do happen), both peeople with the lowest roll takes one quarter of the ante in the pot, and the rest ‘pushes’ for the next game. In event of a three-way tie, only a quarter of the pot is left, but still pushes; in event of a four-way tie, the game will usually devolve into fighting as someone is accused of cheating.

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