Son of Alagondar

Son of Alagondar Theme

Leave fighting fair to those who have nothing to lose. This is our city, and we shall reclaim it any way we can.

You grew up on the mean streets of ruined Neverwinter, long after the Spellplague reduced the city to smoldering rubble. You learned the laws of this new world the hard way, and watched first-hand as the struggle to survive shattered families, stole livelihoods, and destroyed lives. As long as you can remember, you have suffered from the bizarre nightmares that are part of life in the broken city.

As bad as it gets, nothing has chased you away from your home. You are a child of Neverwinter, and while the city still stands, you refuse to kneel. A few years ago, when Dagult Neverember, a lord of Waterdeep, arrived to stabilize and rebuild the city, you saw right through him. To you, he is not a savior but an invader—his army of “peacekeepers” an occupation force. You might have regarded them benignly at first, hoping your doubts would prove unfounded, but Neverember’s goons quickly dashed any illusions you had about their intentions. But most people in the city aren’t privy to your insight, or aren’t willing to listen. You found that all the rhetoric in the world won’t convince the people to rise up and resist the great “Protector,” so you turned to more direct means.

You joined the rebel movement known as the Sons of Alagondar, named for the city’s legendary royal family. With the Sons, you found ways to channel your rage, and felt as though in some small ways you have successfully restrained the usurper of your homeland.

The rebels have suffered setbacks recently, however. Their charismatic leader, Cymril, was slain less than a month ago, plunging the organization into chaos. Factions have emerged, each of them forging alliances with dark forces in the city. Some operatives of the Sons have made overtures to the brutish Dead Rats gang, while others curry favor with the malevolent Red Wizards in the city. Caught between your principles and the necessity of having potent allies, you aren’t sure who you can trust. What started as a noble and simple fight for freedom has become complicated.

You have choices to make, and none of them are good. You dream of yet another solution: the return of a true heir of House Alagondar, who can unite the city against the usurper. But even if a true heir were to appear, would you welcome him with relief or suspicion?

Building a Son of Alagondar Character

When you pledge an oath to the Sons of Alagondar, you take a vow to serve a cause greater than yourself. You swear to free your city, whatever the cost, and protect it from foreign oppression. You might have any number of skills, but your determination is one of a kind.

Class Prerequisites: None. Heroes from all walks of life are needed for this desperate task, provided they have the strong moral compass required for the self-sacrifice expected of a rebel.

Race Prerequisites: None. This theme fits best with a native of Neverwinter, suggesting that your son of Alagondar be human, half-elf, or dwarf (the predominant races in the city), but you can play any race you wish. What is required is an undying love of your city. Despite the organization’s name, females are gladly accepted and call themselves Daughters of Never.


You’ve lived a tough life, always yearning for justice that never comes. You are suspicious by nature and know your beloved city like a best friend, knowledge that helps when you need to escape in a hurry.
Associated Skills: Insight, Stealth, Streetwise.

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Son of Alagondar

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