Neverwinter Campaign

Change of Venue and New Friends

The fight was over- the mercenaries helped the adventurers on the far side of the wall climb back up, refusing to disobey orders to open the gates; they had heard tale of spell plague-changed creatures that could become invisible to the naked eye.

Atop The Wall, the mercenaries bound the wounds of the heroes, even caring for Waxter as he lay there unconscious. As the mercenaries expressed appreciation for the bravery and fighting skill of the heroes, everyone seemed to relax. Captain Durham Shaw was nowhere to be found, but his sergeant watched over the troops, even seeing to some of your injuries himself.

As the mood on the top of the wall grows more relaxed, the mercenaries pull out dice, and offer to gamble with the adventurers for the day’s pay. At first, the heroes are hesitant to accept, Sorannis going so far as to snort in derision. This doesn’t stop the mercenaries from enjoying a game, and soon Sonja is bumping the soldiers aside to learn how to play- before long, everyone but the dour eladrin are dicing and enjoying themselves. Sergeant Bradium Valthis makes attempts to befriend Sorannis, but something has soured his mood, and the eladrin enjoys time thinking by himself.

Rain; the human youngster, rogue, and werewolf, slinks off to find a game more to his liking- at least, that’s his excuse when one of the guards catches him trying to cheat at the games, and runs him off. A discussion starts atop the wall, when one of the soldiers offers to use his winnings to buy the ‘broach’ that the Heir of Neverwinter had given the heroes after the battle with the plague-changed dragon. How is it that the mighty battle only happened hours ago? It seems a tale for the ages!

Mention of the mercenary’s “girlfriend”- a Moonstone Mask prostitute (excuse me, Courtesan), an eladrin woman named Caelynna, sets Sorannis off. Without waiting for the end of the shift or even the end of the dicegame, he sets off for the Moonstone Mask, ignoring catcalls and shouted insults at his back. Several of the soliders joke about his hurry to go see the ‘eladrin maiden,’ but a few seem jealous that he left.

It isn’t long before the heroes’ shift is over. The Mintarn Mercenaries insist on bringing the heroes drinking with them, and even offer to pay- Sergeant Valthis decides to accompany the group, and together they head for the Moonstone Mask. Situated on an earthmote anchored to the shores of Neverwinter, the Mask boasts over a hundred rooms, and claims there’s a courtesan for each one. The place is decorated in opulence- the rugs are fine, the tapestries silk, the decorations expensive and beautiful; oh, and the women.

Several men request ‘The Queen,’ Caelynna, but Liset Cheldar, proprietor of the Mask, says that she has a visitor already. This leads to disappointed muttering, and more than a couple jokes about Sorannis and his new eladrin girlfriend. One of the more creative jokes involves teleporting naked onto the chandelier, but it leaves you scratching your head to figure out if it’s even possible.

While the group is enjoying food, drink, and fine company, Kerith notices a shadowy figure watching them from across the busy common area of the Mask, despite the courtesans, bawdy Mintarn Mercenaries, and servers carrying food and wine. Not one to mince words, Kerith approaches, dragging the rest of her companions with her, to the table of the shadowy man, who refuses to identify himself. The man attacks and darts into shadow, seemingly fleeing; it isn’t until the adventurers follow him that they discover that he was merely dragging them into a trap.

The battle is long and bloody, but the end is inevitable. The werewolf bodyguards flee, one taking to the bridge from the Mask to land, the other simply running down the massive chains anchoring the earthmote to Neverwinter. Two adventurers stay behind, attempting to get information from the dying man, who is leaking shadows instead of blood…

Sergeant Brad Valthis – Mintarn mercenary; middle-ranked mercenary. Friendly guy, allowed the mercenaries to dice with the adventurers while they waited for the shift to end.
Durnham Shaw – Captain of the Mintarn Mercenaries on the wall (which comprise about three-quarters of the fighting force on the Wall), he is grudgingly respected by his men, but doesn’t seem to be liked by either them or the Neverwinter Regulars.
Adrick – Dwarven leader within the Neverwinter Regulars, his ranking (if any) is unclear.
Bartimas – Mintarn mercenary, none too bright, bought the Amethyst badge of the Neverwinter Heir to impress Caelynna, an eladrin courtesan at the Moonstone Mask. Ser left immediately upon hearing of this woman, much to the amusement of the mercenaries.
Liset Cheldar – brunette half-elven owner and operator of the Moonstone Mask, Liset is a friendly and gregarious woman, flirting with any man (of any race) who catches her eye.
Caelynna – Eladrin Courtesan, supposedly beautiful, although she was otherwise detained when the group finally got to the Moonstone Mask. One of the Mercenaries bought the Neverwinter Heir’s amethyst badge as a preset for the ‘Queen’. Apparently known to Ser.

Dice Games Learned

People who know of you
Seldra Tylmarande – who??!?!
Gortham – some contact of Mordai Vells, a drow who keeps himself to the underdocks.
Ven Brados – although he may not know who you are yet, he surely soon will. Apparently some sort of Crime Boss that’s untouchable in the Docks District.
Vikar Talmos – shadovar agent… he died, didn’t he?
Attix – human werewolf, fled the heroes


  • A Shadowy Man, Vikar Talmos
  • Werewolf Bodyguards
  • Clay Imps (really annoying ones)


PCs are still second level.



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