• Kerith Alyian (Mike)

    Kerith Alyian (Mike)

    The Harpers sent her on a mission - but after her contact is slain, she doesn't know who to trust.
  • Mishann (Chris),

    Mishann (Chris),

    Dragonborn, Warlock (Hexblade) Level 1
  • Rain (Alex)

    Rain (Alex)

    Human, Rogue (Theif), lvl1
  • Sorannis Shadowleaf (Jonathan)

    Sorannis Shadowleaf (Jonathan)

    An experienced member of the army of Returned Iliyanbruen, who has recently found himself cut off from previous political influences. Being only a couple centuries old, his outlook on things is privately very youthful and full of hope.
  • Waxter (Colin)

    Waxter (Colin)

    Tiefling Warlock Lvl-1