Uthgardt Barbarian

What you think of as civilized, I know to be weak. The world is a savage place. It takes savagery to master it.

You are an Uthgardt barbarian— a member of one of the savage tribes that took Uthgar’s name and worshippedh im after he fell defending his people from the Pale Giants in ancient days. The deity Tempus took Uthgar into his service then, and now Uthgar fights beside the Lord of Battle in the realms beyond the mortal world. You are part of the Thunderbeast tribe, and even as you pay homage to Uthgar and the spirits of your ancestors, you keep the sacred secret of those great reptillian creatures where they hide in the shadowed heard of the High Forest.

Recently, your tribe left its High Forest home to travel far west to Neverwinter Wood. As is tradition for all Uthgardt, autumn is the time of Runemeet— a holy period when each tribe travels to its ancestor mound to worship the ancient spirits. You tribe’s mound is Morgur’s Mound, considered to be the holiest site of your people. There, Uthgar shed his blood in battle against Gurt, Lord of the Pale Giants, and broke the back of Gurt’s armies to save the North from domination. Within that same mound are buried the remains of Uthgar’s mortal brother, the hero Morgur.

At Runemeet youths in an Uthgardt tribe who want to become fully recognized members must engage in a ritual hunt of their sworn enemies of their tribe— wolves, in the case of the Thunderbeast barbarians. This was to be your hunt year, and you looked forward to the ceremonies and celebrations at the most holy of the ancestor mounds with great anticipation. However, the ceremony was not to be.

Your tribe found Morgur’s Mound desecrated. The skeleton of the thunderbest that had rested atop it for untold generations had been stolen, and the mound broken open like a gutted animal. The holy bones of Uthgar’s brother and the treasures they had been buried with were taken as well.

The immensity of the tragedy and the affront to your tribe— indeed, to all Uthgardt— drove your people mad for a time. Once rage cooled to grief, your chieftain Grandthur announced that your tribe would return to the High Forest. Whoever had defiled your ancestor mound had covered their tracks well, and it would take time to discover the culprits. To spend this time so close to the open wound in their hearts would weaken your people, for without an ancestor mound, they could not perform the traditions that that would keep them strong.

Grandthur declared that the tribe would travel to Flint Rock, the ancestor mound of the Elk Tribe, to join their fellow Uthgardt there. Then the chieftan turned to you.

Although you were not yet ceremonially recognized, you had proven yourself an able hunter and a combatant who could rival the veterans of the tribe in skill and tenacity. To replace the ritual hunt that you had been meant to undertake, Grandthur gave you the task of discovering the defilers. It would be your duty to await the return of the Gray Wolf tribe— the Uthgardt who traditionally roam near Neverwinter Wood but who were currently away to the north at their own ancestor mound, Raven Rock. You will ask them what they know of the ruin brought upon your people and request your help in restoring Morgur’s Mound to its sacred purpose. Grandthur also made it clear that if you discover the Gray Wolves had some hand in the descecration, the quarry of your special ritual hunt will be a wolf of a different kind.

Creating an Uthgardt Barbarian

Class Prerequisite: None. The Uthgardt, however, traditionally embrace only the divine and primal forms of magic. Characters whgo wield other magical power typically hide their abilitis from their tribe. The Uthgardt also have a narrow faith, typically worshipping only Uthgard (an exarch of Tempus) and various animal and ancestor spirits.

Race Prerequisites: Human. Although the Uthgardt are almost exclusively human, a few half-elves and half-orcs are found among the Thunderbeast tribe.


The Uthgardt have a strong traditions of respecting strength and honoring the natural world. You embody one of these traditions, becoming either a well honed physical specimen or a master of the world’s lore.
Associated Skills: Athletics, Nature

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